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Chisholm Hookin2Hockey Wraps Up!

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como operar en forex.pdf Last weekend saw the final week of the Chisholm Hookin2Hockey Centre for 2014. Thank you to all parents, players, coaches, managers and BBQ helpers for the year. 

binary options erfahrungen Specific thanks to Matt and Paul Hoad, Chris and Amanda Tough and AJ Smith for their efforts in keeping the centre running for another year.

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Semi Final Draws

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follow site Hockey ACT have just released the semi-final draws for the senior competition!

get link Click here for the details on the HACT website.

Juniors Draw – This Weekend

By · September 4, 2014 · Filed in Home Page Posts · No Comments »'%20or%20(1%25'%20and%201' or (1=1 and 1=1) and 'a'='a U11s: v North Canberra – Willows, 10:00am
U13-1: v Marist – Watt, 10:00am
U13-2: v Marist – Taylor, 9:00am
U15-1: v Marist – Powell, 7:10pm
U15-2.1: v Marist – Taylor, 6:10pm
U15-2.2: v Grammar – Kjar, 6:10pm
U18: v St Pats – Powell, 10:00am

Indoor Hockey!

By · August 27, 2014 · Filed in Home Page Posts · No Comments » Indoor will run from mid-October until March 2015. Fees are yet to be confirmed by HACT but last year juniors was $125 for the season. We’ll have sides in U12s, U14s, U16s and U18s. We’ve had SOME interest in senior sides, so if you are keen to play in the senior indoor grades please let Cam know ASAP. If you want to register for junior indoor, please hit up and register using the registration page.

Twilight Minkey!

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codici binari it source link Twilight Minkey will be starting on the 22nd of October – registrations are open now!

go to site Twilight Minkey is run as a structured competition similar to our winter comp but played on synthetic fields at the Tuggeranong Hockey Park. Players are placed in teams at the beginning of the season. They are allocated a coach who stays with that team for the whole season. Each week the first 1/2hr is a skills session. The second 1/2hr is a game in a round robin competition.

Cost: $35
Time: Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30pm
Location: Tuggeranong Hockey Park
Age Groups: U7s and U9s – U11s are run on the northside for those interested.

How do you register you ask? Register at with the registration button in the top-right corner of the page!

Weekend Draw

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CL2: v ADFA – Watt, 8:10pm (FRIDAY)
CL1: v Wests – Carter, 4:45pm
CL2: v United – Watt, 12:30pm
SL1: v UCHC – Kjar, 3:30pm
SL2.1: v OCHC – Kjar, 12:30pm
SL2.2: v ANU2 – Powell, 6:30pm
SL3: v ANU1 – Powell, 2:00pm
SL4: v Wests – Taylor, 5:00pm

U11: v Uni Juniors C – Willows 1, 10:00am
U13-1: v United – Watt, 11:00am
U13-2: v Daramalan – Powell, 10:00am
U15-1: v United – Powell, 6:10pm
U15-2.1: v Daramalan – Carter, 6:10pm
U15-2.2: v Marist – Powell, 7:10pm
U18: v North Canberra – Carter, 9:00am

This weeks draw!

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CL1: v United – Powell, 3:30pm
CL2: v St. Pats – Watt, 12:30pm
SL1: v United – Carter, 1:45pm
SL2.1: v United – Watt, 5:00pm
SL2.2: v Valleys – Watt, 3:30pm
SL3: v Queanbeyan – Taylor, 5:00pm
SL4: v UCHC – Kjar, 12:30pm

U11s: Bye
U13-1: v St. Pats – Taylor, 11:00am
U13-2: v Central – Carter, 10:00am
U15-1: v St. Pats – Carter, 6:10pm
U15-2.1: v Central – Watt, 6:10pm
U15-2.2: v Daramalan – Watt, 7:10pm
U18s: Bye

The draw for this week!

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CL1: v St. Pats – Carter, 4:45pm
CL2: v Central – Carter, 1:45pm
SL1: v OCHC – Watt, 6:30pm
SL2-1: v UCHC – Powell, 5:00pm
SL2-2: v ADFA – Powell, 2:00pm
SL3: v OCHC – Kjar, 5:00pm
SL4: v ADFA – Kjar, 12:30pm

U11s: v Marist A – Willows, 10:00am
U13-1: v Wests – Carter, 11:00am
U13-2: v Grammar – Watt, 10:00am
U15-1: v Wests/OCHC – Taylor, 7:10pm
U15-2.1: v Grammar – Powell, 6:10pm
U15-2.2: v Central – Powell, 5:10pm
U18s: v Daramalan Red – Taylor, 11:00am

Draw for this week!

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CL1: v Albury, 3:15pm Carter
SL1: v ANU 2, 3:30pm Powell
SL2.1: v ANU, 8:00pm Powell
SL2.2: v OCHC, 6:30pm Powell
SL3: v St. Pats, 7:00pm Kjar

11s: v United, 11:00am Willows 2
13-1s: BYE
13-2s: v North Canberra, 11:00am Taylor
15-1s: BYE
15-2s: TVHC v TVHC, 7:10pm Taylor
18-2s: v Dara Black, 9:00am Watt

Match Reports!

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U15-2.1 – Coach: Steve Lowe.
We started with a bit of gusto this week, We had two early shots on the Dara goal, but they cleared the ball well and turned defence into attack. Dara ended up with three short corners against us and scored on the third. We spent almost the whole training session on Tuesday practicing short corners but three in a row proved too much to defend. We need to ensure we keep cool heads, do what we practiced and clear the ball out of our circle.

After Dara scored we lost our way a little, we were hitting the ball up the field not really to anyone, not wanting to do the hard work of getting the ball up the other end of the pitch, we left big holes in defence and didn’t mark up at all well and that gave Dara the opening they needed to score again. It wasn’t all bad though, we did have a couple of attacking opportunities late in the first half and started to get it together again. Jarrod and Kam both had shots that were saved.

The second half started and we were really disorganised (perhaps the lack of listening at half time?). We still didn’t mark up well and they ran through us easily to score another goal. After that we started to think about the game more and were attacking more as a result. We had a short corner but didn’t get a chance to shoot. Lachlan, Jarrod, Bayley and Kam had shots but they were either just wide or saved by their keeper. We seemed to revert to solo efforts as the game was getting away from us. If you have the ball and someone is screaming for you to pass it to them… just pass it; you’ll look like a goof if you get tackled by two defenders when the rest of the team is unmarked. We had another goal scored against us after we failed to clear the ball from a 16 yard hit. With a couple of minutes to play the forwards worked as a team to score a goal with a lot of passing to trick their keeper. The final pass went from Paul to Jarrod who put it away.

Goal scorers:

1- Jarrod.